NVEQF to roll out soon

A little over a year ago, Shri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development, launched the National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) in order to empower India’s growing young population with skill-based education. The scheme is sector specific, catering to IT, Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications, Mobile Communications, Automobile, Construction, Retail, Food Processing, Tourism, Hotels, Jewellery Design and Fashion Design and many other industries.

Under the NVEQF scheme, Indian students can choose to do industry-specific certificate-level vocational skill-based programmes in a modular manner; then move on to general learning leading to a diploma; and later to a more systematic university education. The scheme is elaborate and attempts to prepare Indian youths for the job market where there’s an acute scarcity of skilled manpower. It is expected that 5 million students will enrol in these vocational programmes every year.

However, it has not been smooth sailing for the NVEQF, with the Labour Ministry and the HRD Ministry not agreeing to the ‘formulation’ and implementation of the scheme. Finally, the Prime Minister’s Office had to intervene. A Hindustan Times article recently reported that the two ministries have now reached an agreement and the NVEQF roll-out is imminent… with help from the private sector. The article informs us that

The government has realised that the qualifications framework will not work without active participation of the private sector in course determination and skill certification.

The sector skill councils have private participation but the new framework aims to give them a bigger role in running of over 2,000 vocational education and training courses.

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S. Ramadorai on India’s skill development

S. Ramadorai in an interview with Business Today speaks about the skills gap in India enlisting the various pitfalls that have to be watched out and the obstacles that are detrimental to India’s skill development mission.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:“This year we will fall short of the target. But my worry would be more to ensure that people who go for vocational education and come out with training, get a job. That is our priority No. 1. It cannot be training for the sake of training. It has to be training with employment.”

Click here for the entire article.

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Certificate Courses in Retail

Modern retail is changing the face of India and currently accounts for 10% of our economic growth. The phenomenal reach and complex structure of organised retail offers a host of exciting, quick growth career possibilities for young adults.

Under retail, Future Sharp offers the following two courses:

  1.   6 months Foundation Certificate in Retail
  2.   2 years Advanced Certificate in Retail

The above courses offer vocational training to fast track young adults into smart, employable professionals in retail sectors like lifestyle stores, footwear/apparel, grocery, consumer durables and electronics stores. Importantly, the courses train students to begin their career at a supervisory level, laying the foundation for excellent growth ahead.

To know more about the courses, click here.

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